The idea of Be Super Today was conceived in early 2015, when Sahil was working with a charity with a view to making them more sustainable. As he looked around for ideas, he stumbled across the concept of social enterprises and the more he found out, the more they struck a chord.  

"Talking to people about them made me realise that a lot of us would love to shop from these enterprises if only it was as easy to shop from them as shopping from Amazon....and the right price and quality of course!"  

So we started on this journey to give people that "considerate Amazon", to make it easier for people to buy from vendors who care about society and are striving to make our world a better place.

We are a passionate social enterprise determined to make a big difference towards making charities and social enterprises more sustainable. Together, we are hoping to create a buzzing online community in which charities, social enterprises and businesses collaborate and guide each other towards success. 

Our fundamental belief is that it is businesses rather than governments who hold the key to a better world and it was in this spirit Sahil took to the TED stage last November to make a call to businesses to pledge 0.7% of their profits to towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


We are not sure how much this idea will catch on, but until it does, our aim is to ensure that organisations which already have social goals in their charter are better equipped at sustaining their causes.

If any of these words chime with your beliefs, join us on this journey to create a more caring society.